Welcome to the InnerHelp Hypnotherapy Clinic, run by Ruth Orvis Dip. Hyp. (MGTH), based at The Alternative Treatment Centre in Somerset.

Ruth Orvis has studied humanistic psychology, hypnotherapy and alternative therapies for many years. She is a well-known writer on these subjects for many magazines and websites, and also appears on radio shows.

Ruth is a fully insured member of The Guild of Therapeutic Hypnotherapists, helping people overcome various difficulties, such as sleep disorders, anxiety, weight loss, exam nerves, self-esteem and many more. In addition, she runs a successful smoking cessation clinic, hypnotising people to quit smoking quickly and easily.

Ruth lectures to many groups, teaching others how to harness the power of hypnosis, and enabling them to change their lives for the better. She is considered to be an inspiring lecturer, as well as a successful hypnotherapist and writer.

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